Leading Technology

Why liposomal?

Traditional oral supplements in powdered, tablet and capsule form are broken down during digestion and largely excreted.  Liposomal technology provides a solution to this expensive supplement dilemma by significantly improving the absorption of active ingredients.  

Microscopic lipid ‘bubbles’, known as liposomes, encase the active ingredients, protecting them as they travel through the harsh environment of our digestive system. 

By mimicking the structure of our own cells, the liposomes travel intact to the site of absorption where they deliver the active ingredients directly to our cells. 

This clever system ensures rapid, targeted delivery and superior absorption over traditional forms of supplements.

Not all Liposomes are created equal

The phospholipids that form our liposomes are derived from pure, organic, non-GMO sunflowers.  Extracted without use of chemical solvents and pesticide and herbicide free, the quality of our liposomes is naturally superior.

Liposome Size Does Matter

To be effective, liposomes must be consistently small enough to achieve efficient delivery. Our leading technology produces advanced liquid liposomes for rapid delivery and superior absorption.

We also test other commonly available liquid and gel products which claim to utilize a liposome delivery system.

Independently Tested

To ensure you receive a quality product you can trust, we independently test to verify our:

  • Liposome size
  • Active ingredient level
  • Potency over time (shelf life)