Planet Friendly Packaging

At Poten-C, we love to research the latest developments in wellness solutions and planet-friendly packaging.  We have extensively explored packaging options for our premium products, weighing up the pros and cons of plant based, glass, aluminium and (even) plastic packaging.  The only option that wasn’t an option for us was single use plastics.

We sourced the most sustainable bottle on the market. Our reusable, recyclable, high-grade aluminium bottles are a more eco-friendly option than glass and plastic. The certified food safe, BPA free inner liner prevents any leaching or metallic taste.  

Here’s why Poten-C’s aluminium bottles are better for you and our planet:

  • Infinitely recyclable - 75% of aluminium ever created is still in productive use. 31% of glass is recycled  and plastic is limited in the number of times it can be recycled before it degrades.
  • Lightweight – because aluminium is significantly lighter than glass bottles, it has a lower carbon footprint to import into New Zealand and for us to transport to our customers around the globe.
  • Low energy-recycling – recycling aluminium takes about half the energy needed to recycle glass.
  • No harmful microparticles – unlike plastics, which begin to degrade almost immediately after production.
  • Cooling – aluminium keeps contents cooler for longer.
  • Reusable – eliminates single use containers – plastic bottles, sachets and glass.